How to overcome depression

sometimes life leads us to sink into depression help a friend out


Hey Jack!

I have manic-depression so I can tell you what works for me.

•Sweat - exercise helps a lot when it comes to my emotional stability and mental clarity

• Do one hard thing a day - whether it was making my bed or going on a long run - by completing a single task it gave me confidence to face the day.

• Journal - write about everything you do. Write down how much sleep you’re getting, what you’re eating, your physical activity and your daily routine. Be consistent. After a while - when you feel like the worst of your depression has subsided - you can go back and take a look at other factors that may have contributed to making you feel depressed

• Clean up your social media - unfollow and unfriend accounts that make you feel bad about yourself. •Follow people who inspire you instead and follow some motivational / mental health pages to learn educate yourself - a few of my favourites are:
@millennial.therapist @6amsuccess @unlock.mindset

•Dialectical Behavioural Therapy - it’s an evidence-based model of therapy that helps people develop the skills and coping strategies to get through difficult times. It focuses on emotional regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness.

I have used this and it has changed my life. Here is a link to the free online textbook PDF - I own -

Mindset also has a few great playlists on Overcoming Anxiety & Depression - I’ve linked them below.

Coping With Anxiety
Overcome Depression

Realize that going to war with your mind every single day makes you a warrior and you can overcome anything.

I hope this helped.

Note: I am not a mental health professional so take my suggestions with a grain of salt.


Might be a bit late to the conversation, but thought I’d offer my 2 cents. I agree with Alejandra, getting outside, even if its just for a 10 minute walk, really helped me to take a second to calm down and think a little more clearly. Fresh air really helps too. Having a network of friends and others who you trust and can talk through things is important as well. As someone who kept all my emotions and problems bottled up for my whole life, sharing your thoughts even if it’s embarrassing to you, is a super freeing feeling. I know you can pull through!

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thanks for offering your insight!